McAfee Endpoint Security 10.X New product

Now it’s McAfee’s new security product. 1 platform and 4 products together


  1. Threat Prevention Antivirus
  2. Firewall  Hips FW
  3. Web Control Site Advisor
  4. Threat Intelligence TIE and DAC (Dynamic Apllication Containmentendpoint Security 10








Introduction to McAfee Endpoint Security 10 Video>>>

Endpoint Security 10 Product Guide

McAfee ePO 4.X, 5.X ackup

Option 1

·         Save at list the last two backup.

1.       Backup the database of ePO server:

a.       Open “Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio”, log in with “SA” user or user with full control on the ePO database.
b.      Expend <Server_name> -> expend databases.
c.       Right-click ePO_<Server_Name>, select All Tasks, Backup Database.
d.      In the Database field, select the ePO_<Server_Name> to be backed up.
e.      In the Name field, type a name for the backup set (example: ePO Master Backup).
f.        In the Description field, type a description of the backup (example: ePO Full Backup).
g.       Under the Backup Type, select Database – Full.

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McAfee Hips Adaptive Mode

  • Only use Adaptive Mode temporarily on a small number of systems to aid in firewall rules or IPS exception tuning. Choose a representative system or small group of systems (3-5 at most) that represent the functional business units you are creating rules for.
    NOTE: This mode can create a large number of client rules on endpoint systems, and can cause significant overhead for the ePO server while processing excessive firewall client adaptive rules.

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How to Update McAfee VSE8.8 Extra.dat

EXTRA.DAT files is release when there is new and could be critical to your environment, When new malware is discovered and extra detection is required to detect and prevent against the threat.

EXTRA.DAT files contain information that is used by VirusScan and other McAfee products to detect new malware.

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How to recovery McAfee drive Encryption with Mobile phone

How to recovery McAfee drive Encryption with Mobile phone

We wrote  Article about  How to set policy McAfee Drive Encryption recover with Mobile phone.  Now We have policy for Mobile Recovery ;
Policy link:

We need to McAfee Endpoint Assistant app for Rocever via Mobile Phone.

For Ios;
For Andorid;

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