McAfee Agent Option:

<Installation Path>\Common Framework\CmdAgent.exe /[P/E/C/F]

P – Collect and send properties to the server
E – Enforce policies locally
C – Check for new polices
F – Forward events to the server
S – Show agent monitor GUI
? – Help

Remove McAfee Agent:

“c:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\frminst.exe” /forceuninstall 


“<Installation Path>\Common Framework\frminst.exe” /forceuninstall


Replication to SuperAgent Distributed Repository fails – error code 5 (Access is Denied)
McAfee Agent 5.x

Solution 1:

-Deselect self protection on the super agent from the ePO server in General policy
-Log in to the system who’s super agent
-Open repository folder, in the folder there is a file sitestat.xml
-Stop all McAfee Agent Services (McAfee Agent Service, McAfee Agent Common Services, McAfee Agent Backwards Compatibility)
-After you stop the services you will see that the file “sitestat.xml” is disappear(if not delete it)
-Start the services

Now try to replicate the super agent repository.

Solution 2:

When Accept connections only from the ePO server is selected in General policy, replication from SuperAgent might fail in a cluster ePolicy Orchestrator environment

-Deselect Accept connections only from the ePO server in General policy, then perform agent-to-server communication and replicate SuperAgent