McAfee DLP Install Standalone and with policy

How to Install McAfee Data Loss Prevention on a stand alone system with no connection to ePO Server

Follow those instructions:


Version 9.3.x and less – From DLP Policy in ePO console export the policy.
you will only need 2 files:
both file will need to with those names:(by extension)

Version 9.4.x and less – To export the policy we want to enforce on the stand alone system we will go to managed system with McAfee DLP client installed.

From this location:
Copy those files:

Change the name of the file “Configuration.opg” to “GlobalPolicy.opgc”

GO to the standalone system and install the McAfee DLP, make sure you install the correct one there is 32\64bit version, At the finish of the installtion you will require to restart the system DO NOT RESTART ! ! !

Open the registry(Start-> run -> regedit)
Go to:

Create a new key “PolicyInjection”
Under the new key “PolicyInjection” Create:

1. PolicyInjectionRefreshIntervalInSec = 00000003 (this value is type DWORD)
2. PolicyInjectionFolder = c:\Temp\PoIicy (this value is a string and can be any valid path on your machine.)

Copy to the folder “C:\Temp\Policy” the 2 policy files:

Restart the system at list 2 times.

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