McAfee DLP- Drivers Installation Failed


DLP Endpoint Status Driver installation failed

McAfee Data Loss Prevention 9.4.x


-Uninstall the DLP agent, you will need to restart the system
-Make sure all data of the DLP as been deleted, if not do the following:
1. Open the registry and search the version of the DLP endpoint and replace the value to a lower version(If the version is change the value to
2.  Go to C:\Program Files\McAfee , Delete the folder DLP
If you failed to delete all DLL file, restart the system and try delete the all files in the DLP folder
3. Reinstall the DLP Endpoint, restart the system.

The problem as been solved and the DLP Endpoint status changed from “Drivers installation failed” to “Agent is running…”

I have solve this issue with McAfee DLP Agent Version
McAfee Agent(MA) 4.8.x, 5.x, 5.0.x

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