How To Upgrade Android VM version 4.3 to 5.2

Issue: Upgrade considerations if you have Android VM installed


  • If you are upgrading from 3.4.8 to 3.6.2 and you have Android VM installed, you must upgrade Android 4.3 to 5.0 on your 3.4.8 installation before you upgrade to 3.6.0. When you have upgraded, view the ATD 3.6.0 information below.


  • If your ATD 3.6.0 installation has Android VM installed:
    • If you need Android VM after upgrading, you must first upgrade your Android VM from android-5.0 to android-5.2 in your ATD 3.6.0 installation; you can then upgrade ATD 3.6.0 to ATD 3.6.2.
    • If you no longer use Android VM, Intel Security recommends you remove the Android VM using the remove Android CLI command, and then performthe upgrade from ATD 3.6.0 to ATD 3.6.2.
  • If your ATD 3.6.0 installation does not have Android VM:
    • If you do not need Android VM, you can simply up
      grade to ATD 3.6.2.
    • If you want to start using Android VM, you must install Android VM to android-5.2 on your ATD 3.6.0 appliance first. You can then upgrade ATD 3.6.0 to ATD 3.6.2.


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