How to recovery McAfee drive Encryption with Mobile phone

We wrote  Article about  How to set policy McAfee Drive Encryption recover with Mobile phone.  Now We have policy for Mobile Recovery ;
Policy link:

We need to McAfee Endpoint Assistant app for Rocever via Mobile Phone.

For Ios;
For Andorid;

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VSE Exculusions for Servers

Recommended exclusions for VirusScan Enterprise on a Windows Domain Controller with Active Directory or File Replication Service

VSE/SaaS Endpoint Protection exclusions for Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 when running Security for Exchange/GroupShield for Exchange

Recommended VSE exclusions on a Microsoft SharePoint server with McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint 

Recommended exclusions for VSE on Microsoft SQL Servers

Required exclusions for running VSE 8.x on Oracle database servers 

How to exclude SAN and NAS mount points in VSE 8.x

To create custom rule to prevent FILE operations (Create, Write, Execute, Read, etc.):

Name: <insert name>
Rule type: Files
Operations: Create, Execute, Read, Write
Parameters: path/file name
Note: The file name must include a path. If you wish to wildcard the path, begin the filename with **\ or ?:\ if you wish to wildcard the drive letter (for example: **\filename.exe or ?:\filename.exe).
You cannot use MD5 hashes with the “Files” parameter:  path/filename only.
Drive type can also be used to limit the path to a specific drive type (for example., hard drive, CD-ROM, USB, network, floppy).
Executables: Can be left blank, unless you want to limit the signature to specific processes that performs the file operation (for example, explorer.exe, cmd.exe, etc.).

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